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Thor Oil has proven its durability under racing conditions encountered in Gold Cup, Pavement, and Dirt National and Divisional Series, and of course local kart racing. While providing the maximum engine protection and lubrication, Thor Oil does not produce the carbon build-up on the engine head and piston as encountered in other oils. Thor Oil is a synthetic oil manufactured from pure feedstock's and oil additives. Thor Oil will not mix with petroleum based oils.

Thor Oil comes in two viscosity strengths, LIGHT and HEAVY. 

THOR OIL LIGHT is recommended for Flathead and Animal restricted classes and  all Flathead and Animal stock classes (light, medium, heavy). 

THOR OIL HEAVY is recommended for controlled stock, superstock, and Flathead and Animal modified classes.



Depending on how the engine builder prepares the piston rings during assembly, Thor Oil Light or Heavy may not allow the rings to seat properly. We developed THOR BREAK-IN OIL as one method to break an engine in. Use 12-14 oz and break the motor in 3 to 4 times for five to ten minutes allowing the engine to cool between runs. Run the engine with no load and low RPM's. Drain the oil, refill with Thor Oil Light or Heavy and go racing with no compatibility problems. DO NOT use Thor Break-In Oil at High Break-in RPM's or under race conditions. Premature wear and scuffing of the piston will occur!